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We Want to Make A.I. Look Cute!

AI with EQ

Let's be honest, A.I. with only sound isn't enough anymore.

As humans, we need more. We need proactive lively characters full of emotions, combined with the accuracy and benefits of today's A.I.

SidekicksCo. is the first platform to link A.I. with the amazing visuals we're building and licensing from top media providers from around the world.

So yes, with Sidekicks Co. you can finally breathe life into your favorite childhood hero.     

Hologram Magic

Holograms are awesome! And we believe it's about time to bring them to the mainstream. As creators, we need a fast method for rapid prototyping, 3D printing, hardware design, visualization, etc. 3D holograms make that possible without the high cost and hustle of the hardware.

With our patent-pending sexy hologram display, you can now enjoy 3D hologram experiences instantly, and at the fraction of the cost. 

Open Platform​

Our platform is open for all.

We've been working hard to build a comprehensive platform that can easily allow you to build incredible visual experiences backed by our  A.I. services. 

Or even better, go further and add new possibilities. Together we can reach to the future even faster. 



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